Collection: tumbled stones

Our tumbled stone collection is an exquisite energy, and functionality. Each stone handpicked and carefully treated with washing and sound healing bowl vibrations, showcases a unique beauty and a potent energy field. Our stones possess a remarkable sheen and velvety texture, with their vibrant hues exuding tranquility. The meticulous tumbling process, taking up to 24 hours, ensures each stone is a testament to craftsmanship and care.

These polished gems are not only visually stunning but also serve as formidable energy enhancers, perfect for augmenting the positive vibrations in any space. Their smooth, tactile finish makes them ideal as pocket stones, offering a portable source of energy and a constant connection to their healing properties. Whether placed as decorative elements, used in crystal healing, or carried as personal talismans, our tumbled stones harmonize and enhance your environment and energy. Our diverse collection caters to all intentions and desires, encouraging you to follow your intuition in selecting the perfect stone for your journey. Discover the soothing and balancing power of our tumbled stones, ready to be your companions in daily life or special moments of meditation and reflection.

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