Where Obsessive Beauty meets Nature's Intelligence:

through Crystals, Gemstones, and High Vibrational Tools, guiding you to reconnect with Your True Nature.


At Made of Shiny Stars, our gemstone collection is a beautiful blend... 


Welcome to Made of Shiny Stars, your celestial space where the magick of nature's marvelous creations unfolds. Our exquisite and unique crystals, because of the obsessive beauty they possess, enchant a diverse clientele, spanning generations, drawn to their timeless charm. But that's just the beginning of the journey.

Beyond the shining stones lies a deep realm designed for those who seek to rediscover themselves with the profound benefits these tools offer. It is also a space where the whispers of Mother Earth's wisdom and the serenity found in stillness converge. It is here where we invite you to pause, breathe, and reconnect with the essence of your being.

Within our offerings, a path to inner harmony and self-awareness awaits, but only if you are genuinely prepared. Come and participate in this cosmic dance of self-care, self-discovery, and transformation. Or find solace in the contemplation of embracing these exquisite beauties alongside us.

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If you're in search of the unique qualities of a specific crystal or gemstone, whether for your collection, a personal journey, or a special gift, please feel free to share how we can assist you.

In a world brimming with wonder and mystery, Seb and I embark on a quest for heirloom gemstones in the most extraordinary places on our planet. We carefully select and curate each crystal, stone, and mineral, as if guided by timeless enchantments. Our goal is to hand-pick an heirloom specimen that perfectly harmonizes with your desires and intentions, ensuring it resonates deeply with your needs. Every specimen is ethically sourced from Mother Earth.

Our dedication extends to providing a fusion of aesthetics and purpose, particularly with our larger specimens. Drawing from our experience in the interior design and arts industries, we can offer a fulfilling experience when it comes to incorporating these large crystals into your space. These crystals not only demand attention but also radiate elegance and divine energy, transforming any space they grace. Prepare to be captivated as you make one of these remarkable Statement Pieces your own.

Explore a world of possibilities through our offerings:

  • LIVE SALE: Buy your beauties from the comfort of your home. Stay updated on our social media to know when our next LIVE SALE event will take place.

  • Discover our curated selection of hand-picked crystals and gemstones in our physical shop at Rosedale Center. Please note that our most diverse specimens can be found in-store or during live sales. We are currently expanding our team to offer a wider range of products for your online experience. Make sure to follow us to explore our extensive assortment during LIVE SALE.

  • Explorer the enchantment in our custom order offerings, perfect for elevating retreats, gatherings, and collaborative endeavors, or choosing heartfelt, personalized gifts for clients and employees. Every order is crafted with mindful intention, designed to enhance special occasions, share meaningful gifts with clients and staff, and foster unforgettable connections and experiences.

Your journey to discover the beauty and wisdom of earth through crystals, minerals and gems begins here.