Collection: gemstones

At Made of Shiny Stars, our gemstone collection is a beautiful blend of the Earth's finest creations, catering to enthusiasts of all ages, from young collectors to seasoned gem aficionados. We meticulously curate each stone for its peculiar qualities, from the soothing amethyst to the energetic citrine, or even rare gems like the beautiful phosphosiderite are hand-selected for their unique charm, story, and energy, offering benefits that touch both the emotional and physical realms. These stones are more than just beauty; they're tools for growth, wellness, and feeling connected to nature. Whether you're starting a collection or seeking the benefits of crystal energy, our gems are here to enchant and inspire. While we showcase a selection online, visit us in-store or at live sales for even much more special finds. Our gems are chosen to help guide you on a journey of balance and self-discovery, wherever you are in your love for gemstones.

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