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Our under $50 collection is thoughtfully curated to offer exceptional value without compromising on quality. This range includes beautifully crafted crystal jewelry, resonating with natural energies, and potent tumbled stones, perfect for enhancing any crystal collection. For the avid reader and seeker of wisdom, we offer a selection of inspiring books that blend enlightening content with visually stunning designs. Art enthusiasts will find smaller, yet captivating art pieces by talented local artists, and those interested in spiritual practices can explore our handcrafted incense and smudge bundles. Every item in this collection is selected to ensure that you experience the full richness and power of our products, all within a considerate price range. Whether you're seeking a meaningful gift, beginning your journey into wellness and spirituality, or looking to add a special piece to your collection, our under $50 selection at Made of Shiny Stars provides a variety of enchanting choices.

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