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☆ NELLITE (LIONSKIN) | Strength & Courage

Nellite, also known as Lionskin, is a captivating gemstone that exudes the powerful energies of strength and courage, reminiscent of the majestic lion's mane. Its golden hues, interspersed with shimmering bands of brown and red, evoke the regal beauty and fierce determination of the noble lion. Mined from regions such as South Africa and Namibia, Nellite is revered for its ability to ignite the inner fire of courage, instill confidence, and embolden the spirit to overcome obstacles.


Origin: Nellite, or Lionskin, is sourced primarily from regions in South Africa and Namibia, where it forms in metamorphic rocks and sedimentary deposits. Its distinctive golden coloration and intricate banding patterns reflect the radiant energy of the sun and the untamed strength of the African savanna.

Meaning: Nellite symbolizes strength and courage, inviting individuals to harness their inner power and face life's challenges with bravery and determination. Its energy is bold and assertive, like the roar of a lion echoing across the plains, inspiring confidence and instilling a sense of fearlessness. This gemstone empowers individuals to stand tall in the face of adversity, overcome obstacles, and embrace their innate strength and resilience.

Properties: Nellite possesses a wealth of metaphysical properties that support strength, courage, and vitality. It is known for its ability to energize the sacral and solar plexus chakras, enhancing confidence, courage, and personal power. Additionally, Nellite is believed to promote physical vitality, stamina, and assertiveness, making it a valuable ally for those seeking to conquer their fears and pursue their goals with determination and purpose.

Zodiac Sign: Nellite resonates with the zodiac sign of Leo, reflecting its alignment with qualities such as strength, leadership, and courage. Individuals born under the sign of Leo can harness the energy of Nellite to amplify their natural charisma, assert their authority, and embrace their role as bold and courageous leaders.

Element: Nellite's elemental affinity rests with the element of Fire, symbolizing passion, vitality, and transformation. As a stone of fiery energy, it encourages individuals to tap into their inner fire, unleash their potential, and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination and courage.


CHAKRA(S): Sacral Chakra / Svadhisthana, Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura





Grade (AAA+)

Origin: NAMIBIA / SOUTH AFRICA | rare to find it

Nellite (Lionskin) |  Strength & Courage


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Not a toy. Not for children under 3 years of age.



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Crystal Care

Care Guide
Crystal Care: Cleansing and Charging Methods

•⁠ ⁠Crystal care methods include using running water, salt water, smoke cleansing, dry salt, non-contact salt, and sound vibrations.
•⁠ ⁠To cleanse with running water, hold your crystal under a stream for a few minutes.
•⁠ ⁠Salt water cleansing involves soaking your crystal in seawater or salted water for 1-24 hours.
•⁠ ⁠Smoke cleanse by passing your crystal through the smoke of sacred herbs or incense.
•⁠ ⁠Dry salt cleansing requires placing your crystal in a bowl of salt for 1-2 hours.
•⁠ ⁠Non-contact salt cleansing involves burying your crystal in a glass container surrounded by salt for 1-2 hours.
•⁠ ⁠Sound vibrations can cleanse your crystals when using tuning forks, chimes, or Tibetan singing bowls.
•⁠ ⁠Charging your crystals during Full Moon, New Moon, Solstice, or Equinox for 24-48 hours is recommended.
•⁠ ⁠Some crystals can be safely recharged under sunlight.
•⁠ ⁠When using water-based methods, it's essential to exercise caution and conduct research beforehand, particularly with crystals like selenite and sulfur that are susceptible to dissolution.

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